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Thomas Kuloloia


David “Boze” Kapoi

Pride Ink founder David “Boze” Kapoi has been leaving his mark on clients for over 10 years. With his free-hand, traditional Polynesian tatau designs, this Maui artist is in constant pursuit of perfecting his craft. Expanding his repertoire to include Asian tattoo’s fused with Polynesian designs, Boze’s tattoo’s are truly one of a kind pices of living art.

Boze's passion for his craft, and the originality he brings to every tattoo, has also led to an extensive list of clientele anxious to add a piece they can claim with confidence is as unique as they are.

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Jacob Medeiros

Jacob Medeiros has been tattooing for over five years, initially perfecting his craft was a part-time initiative, but since Pride Ink, working side-by-side with the Pride Ink artists, Jacob was able to further develop his art form. Growing up in Maui he was surrounded by art of all kinds: music, tattoo, drawing and more, and what stood out the most was the originality of every piece. Jacob’s shared appreciation for the individuality of the Polynesian art has further developed through his own interpretation on skin. He finds inspiration in everything around him, and looks forward to sharing this appreciation for art and culture to develop original works together.

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